We’ve created bulk-buying shopping that allows you to enjoy massive savings on groceries every month!

Black women have long understood the power of the collective, hence the success of stokvels. Now you too can join a growing number of savvy shoppers who are looking to save on monthly groceries thanks to the new mbewu Bulk-is-Better deals. Once you’ve selected your products from our monthly catalogue, You + 9 other savvy shoppers are placed in a bulk-buying group, only then are you able to enjoy wholesale discounts.

Every month, we will release a catalogue that boasts your favourite household brands at a fraction of what you’d normally pay in retail.

So how does it work?

  1. Browse our Bulk-is-Better catalogue
  2. Select your items into the shopping cart
  3. Pay via EFT

Bulk-is-Better Deals are available for a very limited period so don’t miss out!

Orders Open: 25th to 31st every month 

Delivery Service: 2nd to 10th every month


FREE DELIVERY on your first order then R60 going forward