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If you are looking to shop bulk fruit/veg, browse our Fruit & Veg Combo Baskets or alternatively drop us an email at info@mbewu.co.za specifying the items you're interested in and we'll send you a quote.

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Oranges (6kg pocket)

Very very sweet and juicy!

Variety fruit box

Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g) Guavas OR Passion fruit (500g) *Citrus (500g) *Oranges (500g) Avo (2 p/pack) Pineapple/Papaya

Healthy Baller Fruit & Veg Box (14 items)

Potatoes (1,5kg) Butternut (1kg) Sweet potatoes (1kg) Onions (500g) Tomatoes (500g) Spinach Carrots Robot peppers (2pk) Lettuce Cucumber Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g) *Avo (2pk) Citrus (4pk) OR Oranges

Budget Buster Fruit & Veg Box (8 items)

Potatoes (1kg) Onions (500g) Tomatoes (500g) Carrots Beetroot Spinach Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g)

Savvy Shopper Fruit & Veg Box (12 items)

Potatoes /Sweet Potatoes (1,5kg) Onions (500g) Tomatoes (500g) Spinach Carrots Green peppers (2pk) Lettuce Cucumber Cabbage (half) Beetroot Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g)

Family combo

Potatoes (7kg) Butternut (7kg) Tomatoes (3kg) Onions (2kg) Sweet potatoes (2kg)