We source the best quality in-season fruit from our local farmers to your doorstep. Remember, buying in-season saves you money. 

Fresh tip: 

Wash your fruits under clean, cool, running water just before you prepare or eat them, even if you intend to remove the skin/peel. 


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Picture of Melon canary

Melon canary

Sweet and very juicy, enjoy on its own or as part of your fruit salad.
Picture of Litchi (250g)

Litchi (250g)

Our litchis are pleasantly sweet and juicy.
Picture of Blueberries (125g)

Blueberries (125g)

Our blueberries are sweet & full of flavour.
Picture of Avocado (single)

Avocado (single)

Our avos are deliciously creamy! We are currently stocking imported avo hence the higher than usual price tag.
Picture of Oranges (6kg pocket)

Oranges (6kg pocket)

Very very sweet and juicy!
R45,00 R39,00
Picture of Naartjies (1kg)

Naartjies (1kg)

Easy to peel & soft, the perfect snack.
Picture of BerryMerry Smoothie pack

BerryMerry Smoothie pack

Makes a 500ml cup - A variety of berries, ready to go in your blender for that yummy smoothie!
Picture of CitrusZest Smoothie pack

CitrusZest Smoothie pack

Makes a 500ml cup - A great combination of citrus, ginger and carrot makes for this zesty smoothie!
Picture of Guavas (4-6 p/pack)

Guavas (4-6 p/pack)

Our guavas are tartly sweet.
Picture of Granadilla (5-6 p/pack)

Granadilla (5-6 p/pack)

Tartly sweet and juicy to enjoy in your smoothie or muesli for that extra aroma & flavour.
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