We source the best quality in-season fruit from our local farmers to your doorstep. Remember, buying in-season saves you money. 

Fresh tip: 

Wash your fruits under clean, cool, running water just before you prepare or eat them, even if you intend to remove the skin/peel. 


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Picture of Fruit trio

Fruit trio

Contains any 3 in-season fruits: Pineapple Strawberries Papaya Watermelon Spanspek Mango Pomegranate Kiwi
R30,00 R25,00
Picture of GreenLeaf Smoothie Pack

GreenLeaf Smoothie Pack

Makes 500ml. A ready-to-drink green smoothie.
Picture of YellowMellow Smoothie pack

YellowMellow Smoothie pack

Makes a 500ml cup
Picture of Litchi (1kg box)

Litchi (1kg box)

Our litchis are pleasantly sweet and juicy.
Picture of Pomegranate (single)
Picture of Persimmon (4-6 p/pack)

Persimmon (4-6 p/pack)

Picture of Strawberries (1kg box)

Strawberries (1kg box)

Our strawberries are sweet & full of flavour.
Picture of Berries combo

Berries combo

Strawberries 250g x 2 Blueberries 125g x 2
Picture of Berries & Grapes combo

Berries & Grapes combo

Strawberries 250g Blueberries 125g Red grapes 500g
R85,00 R80,00
Picture of Nectarines value box (23 p/tray)
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R10 R260