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My One Add On

Welcome back to another instalment of #MyOneAddOn! We are talking about whole grains and why they are good for us. 

A balanced nutrition generally consists of good carbs, protein, fats & fibre. While it might be hard to give up food we grew up on - staples such as pap, white rice and samp, we can exercise more portion controll and moderation. 

We've compiled a list of our favourite whole grains simply because they're nutritious & quick to make! Starting with couscous, brown rice and corn.

100% wheat Couscous is so affordable & versatile. Doesn't even require cooking, just pour hot water over it & let it simmer! 


Couscous salad, topped with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, feta cheese

Have you started adding brown rice to your basket yet? If you can't replace white rice outright, try buying half quantities than normal, of both white & brown till you feel comfortable eating brown rice exclusively as your main staple. 

Corn on-the-cob, yellow corn specifically, is also an easy whole grain. And popcorn kernels count too! I personally prefer it covered with garlic butter, grilled in the oven, or over a braai. 

Oven baked corn & chicken breasts

Next time you go shopping, add just one healthy item (or more) to your basket & tag us @mbewuproduce. We would love to see how you prep these whole grains, so please comment with your own prep methods so we can try them out. 


Till next week! 


Charmaine Kearabilwe x mbewu team