Healthy Baller Fruit & Veg Box (14 items)

Potatoes (1,5kg) Onions (500g) Tomatoes (500g) Spinach Carrots Robot peppers (2pk) Lettuce Cucumber Broccoli Cauliflower Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g) Strawberries 250g *Citrus (4pk) OR Oranges

*Seasonal, might be replaced with similar priced items in stock. Contents may vary based on availability. 


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Variety fruit box (6 items)

Apples (1kg) Bananas (700g) Strawberries 250g Blueberries 125g Pineapple Papaya

Red grapes (500g)

Our red grapes are simply delicious, sweet & juicy.
R45,00 R37,00

Lemons (3 p/pack)

Our lemons are, well....very lemony!

White mushrooms (250g)

With an earthy, nutty flavour, our mushrooms are carefully selected.
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