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What's in the Box?

Glad you could join us :-)

We are gearing up for yet another unprecedented year, and while this might be unsettling for most of us, the truth is that we made it through 2020! Shaken, anxious, fragile, stronger, grateful, and in no particular order.  

So in the spirit of embracing change and welcoming the unknown into our lives yet again, we at Mbewu have been working on a little something, nothing too drastic, but just a more simplified way to approach our nutrition. We believe in balance - holistic, wholesome nutrition, that doesn’t deprive us of the things we love, but ecourages us to eat it all in moderation.

We have designed health boxes that are packed with great benefits, targeted at specific goals – whether that’s improving healthy skin, getting rid of toxins, building a stronger immunity or alternative plant-based protein as we continue to incorporate a more plant-based diet in our lifestyles.


All our boxes have a great variety of leafy greens, antioxidants, probiotic & prebiotic rich foods, nuts, beans and pulses, all picked to provide natural vitamins, nutrients and fibre that our bodies need. Find the right box for YOU and let us know how we can enrich your wellness journey further.

Mbewu team