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Picture of Green salad (5 items)

Green salad (5 items)

Retail value: R102,45 Contents: Lettuce | Cucumber | Robot bell peppers (3pk) | Red onion (500g) | cherry tomatoes (250g)
Picture of Best-Sellers (13 items)

Best-Sellers (13 items)

Retail Value: 275,36
Picture of Family Veg Combo (5 items)

Family Veg Combo (5 items)

Retail Value: R176,93 Contents: Potatoes 7kg | Butternut 3kg | Onions 2kg | Carrots 2kg | Sweet Potatoes 2kg
Picture of Bulasi Farm Eggs (30's)

Bulasi Farm Eggs (30's)

Sourced directly from Bulasi Farm out in the Midvaal, laid daily by free roaming chickens that spend a lot of time out in the sun. Retail Value: R68,99
Picture of Variety fruit box ( 4 items)

Variety fruit box ( 4 items)

*Retail Value: R98,95
Picture of Fruit Combo

Fruit Combo

Retail Value: R79,97 Contents: Orange bag (6kg) | Apples 1,5kg| Bananas 1,2kg
Picture of Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Our spinach is garden-fresh & crisp.
Picture of Bananas (1kg)

Bananas (1kg)

Our bananas can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, as a snack, a smoothie add-on, or when baking.
Picture of Cucumber


Our english cucumber is crispy fresh.
Picture of White mushrooms (250g)

White mushrooms (250g)

With an earthy, nutty flavour, our mushrooms are carefully selected.
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