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Picture of Family Veg Combo

Family Veg Combo

Picture of Tomatoes


A favourite staple in most South African homes, our juicy tomatoes can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.
Picture of Variety fruit box (5 items)

Variety fruit box (5 items)

Apples (1,5kg) Bananas (1kg) Pineapple *Berries Naartjies (1kg)
Picture of Immunity Booster Box

Immunity Booster Box

A great variety of in-season fruits, vegetables, root plants and seeds, carefully selected for their immunity boosting properties.
Picture of Green salad box (5 items)

Green salad box (5 items)

lettuce cucumber robot bell peppers (3pk) red onion (500g) romanita/baby tomatoes (250g)
R84,95 R74,95
Picture of Carrots (1kg)

Carrots (1kg)

Our carrots are carefully selected and full of flavour.
R12,00 R8,00
Picture of Onions


Identify our onions by their brown skin and pungent aroma.
Picture of Healthy Skin Box

Healthy Skin Box

A variety of in-season fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, carefully selected to help you maintain a healthy glow from within.
Picture of Build-Your-Own Variety Box (10 items)

Build-Your-Own Variety Box (10 items)

A value box packed with in-season varieties of fruits, veg & *eggs
Picture of Golden Delicious Apples (1.5kg)

Golden Delicious Apples (1.5kg)

We source the most flavoursome, juicy golden-yellow apples. Perfect for snacking, baking or stewing.
Picture of Bananas


Our bananas can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, as a snack, a smoothie add-on, or when baking.
Picture of Full Cream Long Life Milk (1L x 6)
Picture of Balmoral Harvest Full Cream Amasi (2lt)

Balmoral Harvest Full Cream Amasi (2lt)

Our amasi is made creamy with care and milk from Jersey cows. All our products are naturally full cream, and we don't scoop out any cream to ensure that our customers enjoy the creamiest product.
Picture of Brown lentils (400g)

Brown lentils (400g)

Picture of Bananas


Our bananas can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, as a snack, a smoothie add-on, or when baking.
Picture of Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Our spinach is garden-fresh & crisp.
R15,00 R12,00
Picture of Lemons (1kg)

Lemons (1kg)

Our lemons are, well....very lemony!
Picture of Potatoes (2kg)

Potatoes (2kg)

Our potatoes are hand selected. Perfect for cooking, roasting or baking.
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