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Cabbage doesn’t have to be a boring soggy mess. Here are a few ways you can improve the way you prepare this healthy leafy green vegetable.
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We often start the new year with beautiful resolutions of the vision we have set out for our lives. Whether it's going back to the gym, eating healthy, revisiting a passion (reading, cooking, baking, playing sport) or even starting a veg garden, our intentions are always pure. 

But 3 weeks into the new year, deadlines start to creep up on us, life commitments mount and before you know it, our vision board becomes a distant memory and we are back to old habits. 

This is an unsolicited reminder to put yourself first, come what may! With a weekly box of peeled, washed, chopped and ready-to-cook vegetables and quick wholesome meal recipes, there are no more excuses. 

With Payflex, you can now order your monthly supplies in bulk, pay in 4 interest-free payments and we will deliver at the end of each week, just in time for the weekend. How convenient? 

Our team wishes you a healthy & wholesome New Year!

My One Add On

It's the beginning the year and we are all geared up to take on all that it has instore for us. There's a great sense of momentum all around us to try new things #newyearnewme. But hashtags don't bring about change. They certainly won't give us the levels of success, health, happiness, wealth and allround greatness that we seek and feel we deserve. They can however, inspire us when the novelty of a new year wears off. Like, that period just a few weeks before Easter holidays? Yup. 

So, in an attempt to capture this new energy, I decided to put down a little series entitled #MyOneAddOn just as a way to inspire the family to start shopping for healthy items one item at a time. In this series, we will share easy to digest information on good nutrition, why it's important for our bodies and vitality. We will revisit the staple foods that we grew up on - the good and the bad, and introduce new ways to include better, wholesome nutrition into our everyday diet. 

First, we tackle wholegrains & fibre - what are they and why do we need them. Apart from pap, white rice and samp, what other grains can we add to our grocery cupboards that are also good for us? And most importantly, how to prep these wholegrains. Search #MyOneAddOn on our Twitter feed and all our posts should pop up! 

Please follow us on Twitter & Instagram @mbewuproduce to keep up with regular updates, meals & snack inspiration you can recreate at home :-)

Let's celebrate wellbeing through real food. 

Charmaine Kearabilwe x mbewu team