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Picture of Green Salad Combo (5 items)

Green Salad Combo (5 items)

Contents: Lettuce | Cucumber | Trio Bell peppers | Red onion (4 p/pack) | Cocktail tomatoes (250g)
Picture of Berries combo

Berries combo

Strawberries (250g) x 2 |Blueberries (125g) x 2 Retail Value: R129.96
Picture of Berries & Grapes combo

Berries & Grapes combo

Strawberries (250g) | Blueberries (125g) | Seedless Grapes (500g) Retail Value: R104,97
R99,00 R95,00
Picture of Best-Sellers (13 items)

Best-Sellers (13 items)

The best-selling items by shopper popularity have been selected to make this comprehensive FRUIT&VEG box. Retail Value: R299,88 1. Lettuce 2. Cucumber 3. Red onion (4 p/pk) 4. Bell peppers (2 p/pack) 5. Cocktail tomatoes (250g) 6. Sweet corn 4's 7. Carrots (1kg) 8. Onions (1kg) 9. Butternut (1kg) OR Spinach 10. Apples (1,5kg) 11. Bananas (1kg) 12. *Naartjies (1kg) 13. Pineapple *Seasonal items will be swapped based on availability
Picture of Family Veg Combo (6 items)

Family Veg Combo (6 items)

Contents: Potatoes 1kg | Beetroot 1kg | Onions 1kg | Tomatoes 1kg | Carrots 1kg | Butternut 1kg *Image used for presentation purposes only