We grow your vegetables in collaboration with smallholder farmers in Gauteng. By ensuring that the fresh produce we eat is grown closer to where we live, we can commit to all-season round affordability of fresh foods.

Fresh home storage tip: 

  • Leafy greens like lettuce, kale and spinach will keep fresher if washed before storage. 
  • Except for leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce), fresh vegetables have a natural protective coating and should not be washed before storing. Washing will make them spoil faster.



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Picture of Red onion (500g)

Red onion (500g)

Identify our red onions by their red skin and beautiful flavour.
Picture of Sweet potatoes (1kg)

Sweet potatoes (1kg)

Carefully selected especially for you. Enjoy them cooked, baked or roasted.
Picture of Cherry tomatoes (250g)

Cherry tomatoes (250g)

Juicy tomatoes carefully selected for your fresh salads or as a healthy snack.
R25,00 R20,00
Picture of Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Swiss Chard Spinach (bunch/packet)

Our spinach is garden-fresh & crisp.
Picture of Beetroot 1kg (bunch/packet)

Beetroot 1kg (bunch/packet)

Our beetroot is carefully selected.
R18,00 R15,00
Picture of Broccoli (whole)

Broccoli (whole)

Fresh broccoli to rest in boiled water (7-10 minutes), steam, or roast for that crunchy taste.
Picture of Cauliflower (whole)

Cauliflower (whole)

Fresh cauliflower to boil, steam, or roast.
Picture of Butternut (single)

Butternut (single)

Quality butternuts to steam, boil, roast, or bake.
Picture of Gem Squash (2kg)

Gem Squash (2kg)

Enjoy our gem squash by steaming, boiling or baking with your favourite toppings.
Picture of Baby marrow (400g)

Baby marrow (400g)

Our marrows can be enjoyed on their own, in stews or as add-on to other veggies.
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